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From: Lynne Lee


Dear Fellow Business Owner,

One of the biggest problems, business owners face with their websites is how to get traffic. You can develop a great website yet have hardly any visitors because peole can't find it.

Would you like to discover how you can use  articles to generate a never ending stream of visitors and create  multiple profit making resources?  Would you like to boost your profits and sales without breaking the bank?

Well you can, using Article Marketing...

Why Article Marketing
Is The Way To Go 

Article writing  is a profitable method of marketing your business and getting free publicity. It is  used by Internet Marketers from almost every  niche imaginable.

Why? Because it works!

One of the most obvious advantages is that article marketing is effective in spite of being free. Even if you pay someone else to write your articles for you, it is very low cost. When you get article marketing right, your articles provide you with an increasing number of visitors and sales. Your articles act as 24 hour agents, constantly working on your behalf.

Articles are viral in nature, they increase 

  • your back links
  • your visitor numbers
  • your credibility
  • your trust
  • and your sales

But There's More To The Story...

Writing your own articles can be time consuming. and it only works well when you do it right.
Yet when you know what to do and how to do it, the rewards are worth the effort.

 "Article marketing is one of the most effective long term methods of generating online profits"

Article Marketer

Chalking Cash From Articles reveals powerful ways to multiply your internet income  by using articles ... whether you write them yourself or not - and it takes the guesswork out ot it.

Chalking Cash From Articles

Chalking Cash From Articles
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YOU Can Boost Your Business Exposure And Sales Through Expert Use Of Article Marketing


How to position your next 300 to 400 words to be the ultimate profit-puller for your Internet Business!

What makes a winning article - and how YOU can write winning articles quickly

The four  types of winning articles you can chalk out - leaving no guesswork involved for you... whether  or not you are a skilled writer

Seven  easy-to-follow yet profoundly powerful tips on maximising income from your articles.

How to craft your resource box to grab attention. This is the art of compelling your article readers to visit your site!

Four  little used methods to get your articles written for you... without you having to lift your pen or type a character! This is the best kept secret of top marketers... saving time... and making more money in the process!

How to get a friend, colleague or neighbor to do the article writing for you... willingly ...without having to bribe them financially!

The single most important entity to ensure maximum viral effect!

Seven  little known but guarded secrets to maximize your article exposure  - this is not a recommendation to submit to as many article directories as you can, though I've got that covered too!

The five profit centers you can tap into for cash - with articles you've already written. This involves a slight change of focus and a dash of innovation...

How to turn your free already published articles into cash by selling them the way they are!

How to maximize the viral effect of your articles and encourage your readers and affiliate army to spread and share your articles

And so much more!

So WHO Is Chalking Cash
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YOU... if you have been searching for a highly-effective, low-cost marketing method to promote your Internet Businesses.

YOU... if you have a flair for writing and want to discover how to tap into your talents to maximize your Internet Business leverage.

YOU... even if you DON'T have good writing skills - I will show you how to take advantage of this cost effective resource and  take your Internet Business to the next level even if you haven't got a special writing ability.

And still YOU... especially if you want to multiply your profits by repurposing your writing efforts

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